Sonographer-Patient Interactions in the Health Care Field Essay

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Sonographer-Patient Interactions in the Health Care Field The profession of sonography has been around for over thirteen years; however, if one were to ask the average American what the occupation of a Sonographer entitled, there would likely be a wide-range of answers. When most individuals hear the word “Ultrasound” they will automatically pair this term with “pregnant women.” Very seldom would one put the profession of sonography with other aspects of Health Care such as Cardiac output, or Liver functionality. “Diagnostic sonography is medical two-dimensional and three-dimensional anatomic flow imaging using ultrasound. Ultrasound imaging is not a passive push-button activity but rather an interactive process involving the…show more content…
With this assessment the sonographer is trying to obtain any applicable data regarding the patients medical history. Important information includes any essential family history that could be in relation to the diagnostic ultrasound procedure. It is the responsibility of the sonographer to verify the patients identity and that the requested procedure correlates with the patients needs and history. It is vital for the sonographer to use interviewing techniques to gather any and all relevant information from the patient or the patient’s representative, while furthermore making sure the patients remains comfortable and at ease. Not only is it crucial for the sonographer to evaluate the patient’s identity and family/medical history, but also it is important for the sonographer to search for any contra-indications to the procedure, such as the patient’s preparation for the procedure, any medications that the patient may currently be taking, or the patient’s inability or unwillingness to tolerate the procedure. (CITATION). Only when all information is collected and verified is it acceptable for the sonographer to continue to with procedure. Effective communication is necessary in order to achieve positive sonographer-patient interaction. Without the proper education, maintaining the appropriate effective communication skills would be a struggle. “Effective communication and education are necessary to establish a

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