Sophocles Antigone's Clytemnestra

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Women are far from weak from bearing children and being the backbone to a household. Clytemnestra has suffered alone for ten years while her husband was away for war and committing adultery in the midst of time. He left behind his loving wife and family. She left Agamemnon for another lover. Clytemnestra did only what was right as a mother, women and a wife. Her husband kills their child because he is summoned to by the God, Apollo, so the wind could blow and his ship would sail which is very unjust and cruel. Clytemnestra, as a loving mother, felt it was only right to get revenge on Agamemnon. He didn’t show any loyalty to her by bringing home a sex slave and killing their daughter showing that he really didn’t care. Clytemnestra did not deserve…show more content…
On the other hand, the play states that it is the father who has direct relations to child because the father plants the seed and the mother is just there to carry it, absurd right? This thinking is very irrational. How can you say the mother isn’t directly connected to the child when the first person a child knows is their mother? Women go through so much baring children meanwhile the men are just there for moral, emotional and physical support and don’t even know the half. Because of this thinking Clytemnestra’s son Orestes, killed her because he felt that he owed his father more loyalty than his mother. She didn’t deserve to be killed, especially by her own son, as she justified to him her purpose for her actions and he started to reason with her. However, the people believe it was the word of God that sent them to seek revenge and that shame was nothing, so he insisted and killed his mother. The play also insists that Clytemnestra be punished because she cheated on her husband. Again, she didn’t deserve to be punished because her husband brought him his mistress disrespecting their
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