Soundcraft Vi4, the Digital Console

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Soundcraft Vi4 is a digital console by Soundcraft, which came out with the first mixing console in a flight case in 1973 where the music touring was started. The Vi series were being design as digital desk and are able to do both the touring, broadcast and installed sound scene.
There are three main components in the Vi4 system which is a control surface, local rack and a stage box. Vi4 system stage box come with 48 mono inputs on and a total of 24 output busses that can be used for matrices, auxes, group or masters and all the 48 mono inputs are able to be linked and create stereo channel. Basically it functions as a stage box that located on the stage and able to send 48 mono channels from the back of the stage box to the back of the local rack just by using one standard fit CAT 5 cable with Amphenol RJF connectors. The maximum cable run using flexible reel-mounted Cat5 cable is 100m, but possible to get it run 130m with permanent installation Cat7 cable. Another optional connection is using Fiber Optic cable but the Fiber Optical interface card need to install separately.
The Local rack place at the same place with control surface and inside it is 2 Digital Signal Processing engine - Studer Score Live technology, with only 2 DSP cards will be capable of 64 inputs with 40-bit floating-point digital processor and one or multiple D21m I/O frames. The D21m high density I/O system holds up all the inputs and outputs to produce ultra-low noise balance mic amp and sends it to

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