Essay on System Design for Live Sound

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Proposal of a Sound System
AUD407 Advanced Audio System Design

Table of Contents Overview 3 Site Assessment 4 Environmental Analysis 5 System Design Requirements 5 The System 8 Figure 1: Line Array Configuration 8 Figure 2: Jsub Frequency Map 9 Figure 3: Line Array Analysis 10 Foldback 12 Figure 4: Foldback Speaker Placement 12 Mixer/Desk 13 Signal Flow 13 Sound Reinforcement Analysis 14 “Rock” Band 14 Choir 14 FOH 14 Amp 15 Foldback 15 Stage Box/Mixer 15 Overall Equipment List 16 Power 19 Figure 5: Power Distribution 19 Watts Per Person FOH (peak) 20 Conclusion 20 Bibliography 21 APPENDIX 22

The event in which this proposal is catered for is a ‘carols by
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With the above considerations in mind, a total wattage of between 15,000 and 17,000 watts is desirable, as this will provide enough headroom for a quality audio performance along with a suitable volume level for all audience members.

15000watts/2000people = 7.5watts per person

In addition, it is also paramount for the audio quality to be consistently audible for all members of the audience. This will be achieved by utilising a system design configuration that focus’ on clarity and direction whilst also rendering itself sympathetic to the sensitive ears of the general public not attending the event.

The System
With a desired total power being between 15,000 and 17,000 Watts, the (PA) system consists of the following: * J8 Loudspeaker (D&B Audiotechnik, 2010) * Q1 Loudspeaker (D&B Audiotechnik, 2010) * JSub Subwoofer (D&B Audiotechnik, 2010)
The proposed Digital Line Array configuration will be ‘flown’; suspended 6+meters above ground. These DVA’s will be located on both sides of the stage. The 4 JSub Subwoofers will be equally spaced along the length of the stage, 2 Jsubs will sit atop the DVA, 2 will sit on the ground as to maximise the reach of the low frequency content.

Figure 1: Line Array Configuration

Figure 1 shows the relative configuration of 16 J8 Loudspeakers and 2 Jsub Units in a Digital Line Array. One can also see that the load support and
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