Sources and Implications of Different Perspectives of Behavior

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Biological perspective assumes that behavior is cause by that of the nervous system. So everything we say, do and think are due to brain activity between neutrons. Since our brain is determine somewhat by our genes we get from our parents, our behavior may be predetermined by these genetic factors. Since our genes are part of the evolutionary theory, psychologists think that behavior may have evolutionary explanations as to why we act the way we do. Genetic influences, in some behaviors like hallucinations and other disorders are the effect of faulty inherited genes. These genes are said to be the cause of malfunctioning within the nervous system thus explaining our behaviors. This perspective supports that nurture has more to do with …show more content…

After the consuming of the drugs, the brain and body feels dependent of this substance. This dependency could be due to many factors like the way one feels when it's one drugs. The happiness the brain is tricked into thinking it likes and therefore needs more of. Since the first time the drug is introduce into the body, neurotransmitters will have different effects of the body. Therefore if the effect is positive, one will continue to use drugs and if it's negative then the opposite will occur because of the feelings and reactions that were caused within the body. So if no pleasure is gain from consumption then it's likely that the person will not continue to consume drugs. In addition, drug addiction may actually be the basis of genetics. Although no research proves this, drug addiction may be actually an inherited gene from the parent.

Behavioral perspective, focuses on the fact that we are controlled by our environment and from what we learn from it. Environmental factors affect how we respond to different situations. This could be due to a bad experience or maybe something they were told would happen if they were involved in certain situations. The approach takes two main paths one from their environment through classical conditioning and the other through operant conditioning. Classical conditioning involves learning through association as for operant involves learning through consequences of our actions. Behaviorism takes in account

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