Sources of Long Term Finance

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Sources of Long-term Finance 19.1 Introduction As you are aware finance is the life blood of business. It is of vital significance for modern business which requires huge capital. Funds required for a business may be classified as long term and short term. You have learnt about short term finance in the previous lesson. Finance is required for a long period also. It is required for purchasing fixed assets like land and building, machinery etc. Even a portion of working capital, which is required to meet day to day expenses, is of a permanent nature. To finance it we require long term capital. The amount of long term capital depends upon the scale of business and nature of business. In this lesson, you will learn about various sources of…show more content…
Shares: These are issued to the general public. These may be of two types: (i) Equity and (ii) Preference. The holders of shares are the owners of the business. 2. Debentures: These are also issued to the general public. The holders of debentures are the creditors of the company. 3. Public Deposits : General public also like to deposit their savings with a popular and well established company which can pay interest periodically and pay-back the deposit when due. 4. Retained earnings: The company may not distribute the whole of its profits among its shareholders. It may retain a part of the profits and utilize it as capital. 5. Term loans from banks: Many industrial development banks, cooperative banks and commercial banks grant medium term loans for a period of three to five years. 6. Loan from financial institutions: There are many specialised financial institutions established by the Central and State governments which give long term loans at reasonable rate of interest. Some of these institutions are: Industrial Finance Corporation of India ( IFCI), Industrial Development Bank of India (IDBI), Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI), Unit Trust of India ( UTI ), State Finance Corporations etc. These sources of long term finance will be discussed in the next lesson. Sources of Long-term finance :: 33 Intext Question 19.1 A. Fill in the blanks with
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