South Street Seaweed Report Essay

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South Street Seaweed Report
Prasenjit Saha
Chem lab 106
2/6/13 Spring 2014
Prasenjit Saha, Abdullah Sharif

I. Warmup Questions
1. Coffee beans are crushed into small pieces, water is added to it and the mixture is heated over a flame. What do you think would happen to the coffee bean as it interacts with the water? Explain.
Essentially the warm water will run through the coffee beans and extract its properties. The flavor of the coffee beans would disperse into the water. The water would change color and smell like the coffee beans as these properties are drained from the coffee beans.
2. What would happen to the water if instead of coffee beans, strips
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1. Weigh five grams seaweed. 2. Wash the seaweed to get rid of Monosodium Glutamate 3. Boil the seaweed in 40 ml water for 5 minutes 4. Filter the seaweed and collect about 3 ml solution 5. Pour the solution to a clean beaker, then add 3 crystals of iodine 6. After 10 minutes, conduct the observation test V. Observations of all tests Standards
Iodine Test Light Purple
Iodide Test Yellowish milky white, some precipitate
Triiodide Test Brownish

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