Southwest Airlines Case Study

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Unlike many other airline services, Southwest Airlines has a very relaxed unintimidating environment, where the pilot, flight attendants, and customers can all feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. According to Fox Business, Southwest Airlines has an organizational culture that runs on “emotional intelligence and humor” (Southwest Airlines: What a Meaningful Company Culture Looks Like). Southwest’s CEO Gary Kelly also considered Southwest to be an “outstanding, passionate, caring Customer Service combined with an efficient, simple, low-fare Customer experience provided with high reliability and operating expertise.” (Southwest Airlines: In a Different World).
Southwest Airlines employees have a very significant role in the organizational culture. In fact, employees are valued so highly that they even took part in the design of their own new uniforms. As most companies hire outside designers to create uniforms for the company, Southwest decided to select members within their own community. “Joan Mast, A flight attendant who took part in the uniform design, called it an unforgettable experience” (Southwest Airlines: A Case Study in Employee Engagement).
The culture has contributed to Southwest’s success because they have designed a service that is quick, easy, positive, and straightforward. Those qualities typically do well in the American business world because in American culture, we value those qualities. We are on the move, and like to get things done
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