Southwest Performance Management

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Performance Management and Southwest Airlines

I. Discuss the ways in which organizations can manage the performance of their workforce in order to meet their goals. You should refer in your analysis to the role of leadership, organizational culture and human resource management practices.

The role of senior staff or leadership plays a critical function to deliver effective performance management in an organization. The line managers are responsible to manage the performance of their employees, where both parties are agreed to actively and continuously monitor the employee’s performance development plan. Line managers manage performance throughout they year by monitoring achievements.To achieve this, senior staff should
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HR also run training events and conduct surveys to evaluate the effectiveness of performance management.

On the basis of your preceding analysis review the ways in which Southwest Airlines manages the performance of its workforce.

Southwest Airlines’ mission is “dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride and Company Spirit”, thus Southwest proclaims “We are a company of people, not planes. That is what distinguishes us from other airlines and other companies.” Southwest Airlines are successful not because of its strategy but because Southwest focuses and relies heavily on its internal and external business environment, thus the tactics is to focus first on the employee and customers come second. There are stages in which Southwest manages the performance of the effective management of its workforce through the role of leadership, organizational culture and human resource management

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