Souvenirs Of Argentina

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Vacations, we wished they never ended… We have the time of our lives exploring new places and meeting interesting people and, when it’s time to go home, we want to take a little bit of that experience with us. So, if you have plans to visit a country in South America that is known for great meat, amazing sceneries and rich history, do you know which are the best items to take back home?

If not, take a look at the selection of some of the most representative souvenirs of Argentina. Because you won’t just want to bring an item with you, but get a little piece of an amazing country, a token of their culture. Take a look! It is no wonder that Argentina is known for its leather since it is one of the world’s biggest producers of meat. With more than 200 tanneries, they have a fabulous production of high quality and durable cow, sheep and goat leather goods like jackets, shoes and hand bags. It is a true paradise it you love shopping.

While looking for that perfect item to take home, it is important to pay attention to be sure that you are spending your money in the real thing - check the lining, zippers, seams and use your nose to identify real leather. Since some shops sell both real leather and a more affordable imitation, …show more content…

The Argentine National Selection one is made by Adidas and can be found in many retail shops, but if you want a more affordable option you can get one of cheaper quality in any souvenir store. Wear it with caution: you might want to scream at the top of your lungs every time your team scores a goal, as the Argentinian fans do. The name of this country comes from Argentum, the Latin word for silver. This metal has deep roots in the history of these lands, and the silversmiths that still carry the trade have kept almost 400-year-old manual techniques that create unique and beautiful

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