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Good morning, Ray and Sue. Attached are three invoices for Seminar Planner Support Fees for March, April and May 2016 based on the arrangement outlined in the new SOW that we are in the process of executing. As you know, our SOW expired on February 15, 2016, then was extended until the new SOW is fully executed. The current SOW does not outline provisions for monthly support fees; the new SOW does. Even so, I am submitting these invoices in the hopes that some provision may be available to you to pay them. Please bear in mind that the current SOW was predicated on a volume that far exceeds that of the actuals that were realized 2013-2015 – projected as 6,000,000 pieces mailed annually, actuals of approximately 500,000 annually. No provision was given for the increased functionality and complexity of the portal when pricing was determined, and when we provided access to Non-STARS FAs last year, we saw a tremendous growth in the time spent providing support and coaching that did not translate into a comparable lift in mailing volume. Because our revenue under this SOW is generated solely from production, this resulted in a situation where we are working harder for less. Our coaching team has been diligent in providing support, direction, and coaching to all of the portal users, to the best of our ability, whether they are mailing or non-mailing. Our art and IT resources have been tasked with supporting a far more robust library of topics in the past 6-9 months than previously (21 topics now as opposed to 5 in 1Q15). While we applaud the increased content, as we feel it gives more FAs more reasons to visit and use the portal, …show more content…

I would greatly appreciate it if you would support this by submitting these invoices for

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