Space : Cold Void Between The Stars

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Space. That cold void between the stars. A gateway to adventure, and oblivion. A home to many, and a grave for countless others.
John doe though of these things as he looked out into the stars. Suddenly a shrill beep rang across his comm. The airlock status lights turned green, flashing as the airlock slowly opened. When the doors were fully open John began walking forward. He walked past the usual stop, the airlock tether locker, and looked out into space.
"Walker Clear" he said into his comm as he readied himself on the edge of the platform. From the vantage point of the airlock he could see his target. The dilapidated wreck of a Telisian freighter.
"Right, We 're all clear on the scanners" he heard in his headset. The voice was that of
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It would have been salvaged years ago if not for the fact that the reigning sector authority granted all salvaging rights to the Atari Salvaging guild, and like most of the guilds claims, the freighter had just sat in space ever since.
As he approached the cargo hold of the freighter he quickly eased back on the thrusters of his suit. "Scanner is live" he said as he pressed another few buttons on his sleeve. The scanner mounted on the side of his helmet came to life as it scanned the surrounding area. A glowing HUD popped up on his helmet indicating the results of the scan. A large portion of the cargo hold had been breached in the evacuation however the 3 crates he was looking for were still intact. "Looks like the cargo 's still in one piece" he said as he deactivated the scanner while simultaneously starting forward again with the suit thrusters set to quarter power.
"Good. Get the cargo and get back here. I don 't like siting still this long" jack said nervousness in his voice. That was jack for you, always afraid of getting caught doing something less then legal.
"You worry to much" john said. He maneuvered aft toward the nearest hole in the cargo hold hull. Arriving moments latter he disengaged his thrusters and slowly drifted inside the abandoned ship. Once he was floating over the metallic floor of the cargo hold he pressed a different button on his sleeve and suddenly fell to the floor, magnetically sealed to its surface.
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