Essay on Space Exploration by the United States

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Space exploration by the United States has been going on since the early nineteen hundreds. The impacts of space exploration can vary from being the first country ever to land on the moon, to having satellites orbit our planet. Despite the achievements space exploration has given to this country, there are many issues—with money, extraterrestrial threats, and the lack of a reason for funding—at hand that should be addressed to make decisions about the future of space exploration in the United States. Money is a big deal to most people in this world. Putting money in the right place is something our nation has been struggling with in the past few years. In 2006, “...almost $17 billion will fly into NASA's coffers with about $5.3 billion …show more content…

Many people ask why is something like space exploration funded, and why is it funded so highly. According to David Livingston, there are many reasons to fund space exploration. He declares that space exploration will inspire younger kids to “...grow up, do the schoolwork, and accept the challenges that await them to make our world even better” (Source A). Livingston also claims manned space flights provide “...the path to how we build a better life for ourselves here on Earth...” (Source A). The problem with Livingston's arguments is that he has nor provides any physical evidence to prove his point. have no impact on the improvement of our lives as a person. Space exploration may have a positive impact on scientific research, but it has no impact on the improvement of our lives as a person. Also, space exploration usually does not inspire kids to do their homework. It only fascinates them and makes them wonder what is out there in the abyss. Livingston creates a sloppy argument about why space exploration should be funded, and therefore does not aid in explaining why it should be funded to the extent it is being funded. Space exploration has had a large impact on the lives of many American people throughout time. The amount of funding that goes into NASA, the poor reasons pertaining to why it should be excessively funded, and the health issues that could arise from space missions are all important issues that should be addressed when making decisions about the

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