Spacehip And Mother : The Transformation Of The Spaceship, Mother

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The complexity behind humans’ relationship with technology is further revealed in the portrayal of the spaceship, “Mother.” The spaceship is considered an organic item because it seems to have a mind of its own. The crew calling the spaceship “Mother” also attributes human characteristics to it. It is organic because its own decision-making betrays the crew. First, it changes the course of the route and leads them to danger. What was supposedly a distress signal was soon revealed as a warning signal. Second, Mother was willing to exterminate the crew as long as the alien is brought back to Earth. This is uncharacteristic and unexpected of a mother because she is supposed to protect her children. Lastly, Mother would not let Ripley override the detonation. Machines are supposed to do what humans ask it to do, but Mother disobeys all orders and seems to make up her own mind. The spaceship appears to be an item of organicity, and the scene with the command room evokes Mother’s beauty. The room where the crew directly contacts Mother is extremely different from the rest of the ship. Its aesthetics is created by its warm and yellow glow, white pureness, and good lighting (Figure 7). It appears cozy and is the most beautiful part of the ship, and only in the light can proper communication happen. Its warmth is emphasized by being intercut between scenes of the rest of the dark ship (Figure 8). The blue tones of the rest of the ship are opposites on the color spectrum from orange
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