Spanish Entertainment By Francisco Goya Summary

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When I first stared at the painting Spanish Entertainment (1825) by Francisco Goya, the part I focused on were the bulls stomping on a man in the center. Next I noticed the crowd forming a near perfect circle encompassing the bulls. Some spectators are terrified as the bulls face them while they are an inward bump towards the bulls in the surrounding circle. It seems like the bulls are about to run towards them. There is another bull in the front of the picture sticking his horns into a man while people behind the man laugh and are entertained since they are in no immediate danger. Other people in the back are attempting to escape but most who are out of the view of the bulls are standing and laughing. This is clearly a running of the bulls event, most likely in Spain and people are getting hurt at the expense of entertainment. There is a large space only in the middle occupied by the 4 bulls as they are the center piece of the picture. The drawing reminds me of when people laugh at the expense of others since the viewer is not in the situation. Overall, my first reaction described the basic of the scene in the drawing and the reaction from its characters. The second time, I analyzed the form of the piece. I described the shading of the bulls and crowd which brings the drawing into the third-dimension. Also there is a gap in the middle to make that a focal point of the drawing and to divert interest there although the bulls are not facing towards the viewer of the drawing

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