Spanking Law Research Paper

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Spanking Law
Believe it or not, a representative from Kansas recently proposed a bill to the state Senate that would make it legal for educators and child caregivers to spank a child up to 10 times in a way that might result in redness or bruising. The bill sponsor says that she wants to have in place clear guidelines for the corporal punishment that is already permitted in the state. There should be laws that clearly define the acceptable forms of physical punishment for kids. These laws would be in place to protect the children from being over punished, or even abused. They would also protect the teacher and the caregiver from accusations of being overly abusive. The fact that this regulation was in place would let the children know that there would be retribution for their unacceptable behavior. Having this law would
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If a kid knows that, there are consequences for their actions they would tend to stay out of trouble more often. With that law in place, the students’ of the school or the children of the daycare would know that there were ramifications for their miss behavior.
Most importantly, the parents of the children would know beforehand that their children could and would be punished if they acted up in school. Some parents would be happy to know that their children are being held responsible for their actions, and that they were being chastised for their misdeeds. Furthermore, other parents may be upset about the actual physical punishment, but, with this decree in place, they could not complain.
Therefore, as you can see from reading this article, the 49 states that legalized corporal punishment should have a law in place. A law that, not only, helps the children learn how to follow rules, but also protects them, and the teachers. Getting a spanking in school helped me more than it hurt me; nevertheless, we do need a law in place that would protect us
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