Special Effect Of Special Effects

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Special effects it is an art and techniques that involves many other other crafts, but also included many dangers and failures when you are about to create a special effect that includes a stunt or an actor there are always some human elements that increase the possibility of failure. Special effects have categories and subcategories because they are techniques employed to make staged events to look real, these basic categories are 1) visual effects 2) mechanical effects 3) makeup effects and each category has her own subcategory, We used to categorise sound effects but now they generally considered separate from the definition of the ‘’special effects ‘’. To begin with, most effects techniques are based on well known optical and…show more content…
At the early 20’s the ‘’tricks’’ this is the term that they used to refer as special effects but then it became a must section in every studio. A studio in Southern California, they but a full set production facilities and providing every technical service to themselves. It was a strong economic reason for this because it helped the companies to manage the film budget, the set construction and the need to travel to different locations, also the name of the special artist it was a secret because audience should not know the tricks that she/he used on the movie. One of the first classical and well known in history movies that they have used CGIs and introduced us to various techniques is King Kong there are 3 versions one on 1933 one on 1976 and one on 2005, the breakthrough was on 1933 because we can see a classic stop-motion animations which was created by Willims O’Brien and it was so revolutionary for it’s time. The second Version won an academy award for Special achievement for it’s special effects. On 1933 O’Brien used the models of Marcel Delgado to portray a 50 feet tall gorilla. They were like six gorilla miniatures made for the film every one of them was 18’’ tall. They used a combination of miniatures and a full size studio set. 43 years later a new King Kong movie came out and this time they used no stop-motion miniature but they actually used a 40 foot tall mechanical ape made out from
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