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Special Issues Paper and Presentation Corbo Mikah BSCOM/100 Introduction to Communication November 09, 2015 Mary Lee Special Issues Paper and Presentation This is our final assignment for your class, and because of my communication issues with my children, I am writing this paper again and will have to redo all of my presentation. When I started this class, I was stunned because I thought I knew everything I needed about communication. Well as you can guess, I was wrong I have learned quite a bit along this long journey through Introduction to Communication. I am here writing about some of the key points of communication that I have learned and hopefully I will be able to show you that I was able to learn from you and your…show more content…
( general public or segment of general public, example: advertising) I know what you are thinking, and yes I am done giving you a vocabulary lesson! However, I am going to try and explain some key facts and issues with these four words. These four words may still look as if they have nothing in common, but they in fact do. All four of these words in some way have a lot to do with communication and how people perceive the message you are trying to convey. When it comes to diversity we are talking about someone's race, national origin and religion, and if you are trying to give these three a message you would have to convey the message to relate to them. Ethics play a big part in communication, without your moral principles or ethics in place you would not be able to handle yourself presentably in front of your audience. In other words, ethics keep you from being inappropriate when you deliver your message. Technology.. well this is a given! If technology were not here today, I would not be able to write my paper or my presentation that is due. Everyone world wide probably spend the majority of their time in front of some kind of screen. Everyone communicates through technology, either by cell phone talking or text message. Technology has made life almost 100% easier, for everyone. The last word I learned about is mass communication, and this is an easy step in
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