Why Effective Communication Is Important? Developing Positive Relationships With Children, Young People And Adults

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A) Explain why effective communication is important in developing positive relationships with children, young people and adults. Communication is extremely important in the workplace as it is essential that you develop good communications with everyone. This will then ensure that you develop a strong positive relationship, work well together and be able to share and gain information with each other. This will mean you can all work together to meet the needs of the children, young people and adults in the setting. If you do not have good relationships then it may cause bad feeling and a divide between colleagues. It may be the case that you will all not work well together or be able to share information then the parents and children may suffer. It is important to have good communication with the children in the setting as this ensures you have a good relationship with them which will help them feel more comfortable with us, which will help them settle in or provide reassurance during transitions in their lives as well as supporting them in their play and learning. It is also important that we remember that we are a role model to children and what behaviour we expect of them must be remembered by ourselves. Failing to do so will cause problems for children to understand the boundaries of what is acceptable. If parents see that you have a good relationship with the children it will help them feel more relaxed and helps them to trust us to care for their children. B)
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