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“BOOOOOOOP!” “Hi, welcome to Dairy Queen, how can I help you?,” I said. “Yes, can I please get a medium peanut butter cookie dough smash blizzard made with chocolate ice cream please, that’s all,” comes the customer overly enthusiastic response. “Okay, that will be $4.25, Thank you and please pull around.” I reply ever so kindly. That’s how the nightmare of making the worst blizzard known to man begins. To start making this monstrosity of a blizzard, you need your medium blizzard cup, approximately sixteen ounces. Now, since it’s chocolate soft serve we need, you must walk all the way from the drive-thru to the front line, where we have the only machine that dispenses our chocolate soft serve. Once you made the treacherous two yard jaunt to the machine, just proceed to pull the lever of the desired soft serve flavor and fill your cup up half…show more content…
After your cup is half full, form one ball half-in-half-out of the cup and finish off with the signature curl using the 9-1-7 motion or as I like to say “casual flick of the wrist.” Normally this is how you should fill your blizzard cup, but considering you’re using chocolate soft serve, you’ll just end up with a large blob of mush, topped with a cringe worthy spike in place of the curl. At this moment in time, you must equip your cup with a collar in order to add the required ingredients. What you will need to add is one pump of peanut butter sauce, three black spoons of chocolate chunks, three clear spoons of cookie dough, and to top it off three white spoons of peanut butter cookie pieces. Now that you’ve finished applying the ingredients, you should have everything on the verge of spilling over the collar, because there is physically just too much packed into this single blizzard. Like
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