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Color blindness is the inability to see certain colors or certain shades of those colors. An unlucky few are unable to perceive any colors other than black or white, but the vast majority of people suffering from color blindness struggle with only a few colors, so the condition may more accurately be described as “color vision deficiency”.

Color blindness is most common in males and it is known that 1 in 12 men suffer from the condition, although there is speculation that a significant percentage of the male population may have some sort of color vision deficiency without even realizing it. An estimated 1 in every 200 women are affected by color blindness, which makes for a total of 300 million color blind people across the world.

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There’s a kind of color blindness that is four times more likely to occur in men than it is in women.

One strain of color blindness leaves sufferers living in a faded, washed out world where a sunset looks just about as impressive as a can of Coke.

There is one color that some color blind people see almost exclusively, which means they spend their lives constantly surrounded by it and can’t escape no matter what color they paint their walls or dye their hair.

What’s up guys and welcome to another Bogglin’ Stuff video. Today, we’re going to be looking at five ways color blind people view the world, so prepare to experience nature as you’ve never seen it before.

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Deuteranomaly, Protanopia, Tritanopia

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Victims of deuteranomaly see most colors, although they aren’t quite as bright or comprehensive as the colors seen by somebody with normal vision. Sufferers of protanopia are able to see most shades of yellow and blue without issue, but colors like green and red come across as slightly faded. Tritanopia limits one’s vision to just a couple of shades of green and yellow, but thankfully occurs in only 0.0001% of men and

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