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What is your first impression when you see someone with tattoos?

Tattoos have long been considered as gangsterism, uncouth commoner and crude. A demonstration of people who don’t adhere to rules. Why do people constantly scrutinize people and stereotype them into bad boys, gangsters, outlaws, rebels or promiscuous just because of having body art? Aren’t people allowed to be able to mark themselves to signify a deeper meaning, a story behind the symbol. Do what they desire without being judged and misconstrued?

Tattoos started off in the late BC as “tatu”. The word tatu derives from the word “to mark something”. Tattoos have long been embedded in cultural and traditions and were worn with pride.Tattoos were once seen as dignity and rank. However now they are regarded with negativity and snide remarks.

Tattoos are a representation of “silent words” the unspoken feelings and thoughts one expresses in a physical form. These markings are permanent therefore before choosing one the person must have gone through deep thought and reasoning. Tattoos are also expensive which means they had to be very confident before investing all that money and time. Not only that but the process of getting tattoos are painful. To assume or misread someone because of the having a …show more content…

Tattoos may have a deeper significance to the person that bares the tattoo. A widower may get a tattoo of the date of her wedding anniversary to signify her loss and love for her husband. People instantly relate tattoos to recklessness. A widower does not need to be subjected to people's constant judgement for trying to be at peace for her loss. Could you possibly imagine the pain she is already going through? Not only that but now she has bare with your animosity, listen to your disapproval? Another example why one might opt for a tattoo is to serve as a reminder of the trials and tribulations they have gone

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