Are Tattoos At The Workplace A Distraction?

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Dear Springfield Police Department,

Are tattoos in the workplace a distraction? Some people agree and some disagree. Are tattoos just something that people get for attention? Sally Pearman once said, “I think that there is a different perception of people with alternative looks in the workplace.” There seems to be more behind tattoos that people do not see. Some specific jobs do not allow visible body art while doing business because it can affect their company in a negative way. Specifically, in the police force, it all depends on the city or state your department is located and their guidelines. I am writing to you to explain the good value behind body art. Springfield police have very strict when it comes to the tattoo policy. If anyone has a tattoo that is visible after the point of being hired, they can be terminated. No tattoo can be visible as of November 15th, 2008. If you had a tattoo that was visible before this date, you are allowed to have it but you have to cover it with bandages or extra clothing. You must show them all your tattoos and you are not allowed to have any that are offensive or inappropriate, even if they are covered during business hours. These are just a few rules stated in the Springfield Police Department Addendum. In my opinion, tattoos can have significant meaning. It is understood that some people have gang related or derogatory art, however, a good portion of them are related to something that once happened in somebody’s life. Businesses

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