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For my speech evaluation, I will be taking a look at a speech given by Dr. Rick Rigsby during his master’s graduation ceremony. Rigsby begins his speech by making some comical jokes in the beginning to liven up the crowd. He relates to the audience by saying he wears cowboy boots and refers to himself as a “black neck redneck.” After Rigsby gets the attention of his crowd, he begins to go into to the message he wants to deliver to his audience. He begins by telling the audience of his father who was a third grade dropout. Rigsby mentions that even though his father was a drop out he had some of the wisest life lessons to teach. Dr. Rigsby then quotes Mark Twain stating “I never let my schooling get in the way of my education.” From their he explains that his father taught himself how to right and read during the Jim Crow era of our country. Dr. Rigsby begins to tell the audience that he has three degrees and his brother is a judge, which he then says they are not the smartest in the family. He explains that his father was the most educated. He then begins to quote the sayings his father would always tell him from famous figures such as Michael Angelo, Henry Ford, and his fathers own personal quotes. From their he quotes Aristotle saying “You are what you repeatedly do.” He then affirms that excellence should be a habit and not an act. He now begins to talk about a former UCLA coach by the name of widen. He informs that this coach would sweep his own court during his off

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