Speech On Afterlife

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Heaven exists. That’s what the ads say at least, but everyone knows Afterlife is just a game. An MMO of the dead. Before now I never even considered buying it. Not after grandma passed, or even when my high school crush died in an accident. I have the chip of course; everyone does. When I die my consciousness will be uploaded to the virtual world to spend eternity, but I try not to think about it too much. Yesterday changed everything. I stare at the Afterlife ad for the tenth time that day, watching the calming colors and videos of kids playing with a man in the prime of his life as it loops over and over. I finally touch the icon to unmute the audio. A woman with a kind face appears walking through a park. “No longer do things need to be left unsaid,” she says as soft music plays in the background. “With Afterlife your loved one will live on through the power of our patented Living AI technology. To learn more-” I mute the ad and shut my eyes. No. It’s ridiculous. Dad is gone. Dead. He left me and the rest our family with nothing but blood soaked carpet and a note. “Delete me.” That’s all he’d bothered to write. No explanation or answers for the cryptic two word note. I lay awake all last night as Mom screamed and cried in the room down the hall. My little brother Connor has barely spoken since it happens. That leaves me to plan most of the funeral, try to sort through wills, and deal with relatives. “You have options,” the police officer said when
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