Speech On Children 's Rights

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Unit III draft It is a Monday morning you rush to get ready to leave for work. You tell your daughter and son to hurry up and be ready. They take up their sweet time and this annoys you. This leads you to mumbling under your breath while you take your breakfast. They finish having breakfast and you drive them to school. On reaching the school, you see kids gathered in groups outside the school and you wonder what is wrong. You ask your children what is going and this is when you learn that the students are protesting about the principal being too harsh on them. You cannot believe and just shake your head. You drop them off and tell them to have a nice day and drive off. At work you keep wondering what is wrong with the children of today. You tell your colleague about the incident and how you feel students need to learn and not protesting. However, your colleague reminds you about children’s rights and they deserve to be heard. You cannot believe it and you laugh it off. Moreover, your colleague tells you that it is a new century and not the stone age days when kids did not know their right. As the day keeps on going, you get a phone call from your kids’ school and they say you are needed there immediately. You rush there and find your child in the principal’s office and he tell you your child has been suspended for two weeks. This is the most dreaded news any parent wants to receive. Many parents have found themselves in this kind of situation. This is when it dawns on you

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