Speech On Forgiving

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I believe in always forgiving others, but never forgetting what they’ve done to you and I’ve learned to forgive no matter how hurt I may have been. Holding a grudge against anyone in life for any reason isn’t necessarily hurting them if they don't care, it's only hurting you. You have to learn how to move on from things in life and grow from those certain problems.
Forgiving can make you feel absolutely better because it’s only about you, not the other person. Never forgetting, in my perspective, means to not forget what has ever been done to you in life so you can learn and grow from that particular situation. I guarantee it will make someone feel so much better once they realize that everything will be okay. Two wrongs don’t make a right. Just because someone has done something wrong doesn’t mean it gives anyone justification to do anything back. So it’s better to forgive and try not to be so vengeful or bitter because someone has done something to hurt you tremendously.
My father left our life. Left our life when I was just five-years-old and when my little sister was just a newborn. Growing up as a kid, I can remember being sad. Sad about not seeing my dad. I now assume that he just doesn’t want to be a dad to me or my sister. He does now have a new family that he takes care of. And that’s fine. Me and my sister are perfectly fine. Fine without him. My mom does a great job at taking care of us and I appreciate her for everything.
I remember as a kid always saying,

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