Speech On King Henry Viii

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Henry VIII of England On June 28, 1491 King Henry VIII was born at Greenwich Palace in England. He was the third child of “Henry VII and Elizabeth of York.” ("Henry VIII") The first child of Henry VII and Elizabeth was a boy named Arthur. The second child was a girl named Margaret. The fourth child was a little girl named Mary. He also had three other siblings, but sadly they did not survive their early childhood. When Henry was young, his parents encouraged him in his studies. Since Henry studied so much, he became a very clever boy. He also loved writing poems. In 1502, Henry’s older brother dies of an illness at age 15. Due to Arthur's death, Henry became the heir-apparent to the English throne. Many people believed he was going to be a great king because he had received a great amount of schooling and he spoke many languages. Henry was also very athletic. He was very experienced in jousting, hunting, tennis, and archery. As Henry grew older, he proved that he would rule tyrannically due to his thirst for blood and power. He was not only selfish, but also handsome. Other people even stated he had a “hearty personality.” ("Henry VIII") Bloodshed seemed to be the typical method to solve Henry’s problems. Henry made his mark as king who would not let anybody in his way. He soon charged his father's two ministers, Orman 2 Sir Richard Empson and Edmund Dudley with treason. In 1510, the two ministers were executed. Another completely
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