Speech On Life Without Fuel

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SMALL STEPS OF FUEL CONSERVATION CAN MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE a material that is used in burning or heating something to produce an energy is a fuel. Almost everything we use is dependent on fuel. From cooking to automobile manufacture and working, fuel plays an indispensable role. Life without fuel is almost impossible to imagine But, currently, we are facing a gargantuan fuel crisis.moreover, Due to lack of fuel, it is being imported from other countries at a high price. This can alter the economic development in India. Even in petrol pumps, we find that cost of petrol is rising gradually! consequently, What would happen if all the oil on the earth disappeared? nevertheless the Mass chaos and panic as civilization immediately collapsed. The end of oil means the end of transportation -- every supply chain required to run a modern society. The trucks that feed our cities would stop, and the cars that transport workers to work would become completely useless. This would immediately shut down most businesses and services in the developed world. This includes the army and …show more content…

They release carbon dioxide, a potent greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere when burned. Because of that, the Environment gets suffered and global warming obtains its way.Is there a life without fuels possible? Yes! we can live without fossil fuels!! but it will have a global effect on the economy. We would shift to alternate forms of energy as a substitution for living without fossil fuels. Will the world accept this way? would they really want to have an eco-friendly society without fuels? the answer is yes it is said that if all peoples needs are fulfilled then they can stand, therefore stop using fuels gradually and simultaneously work eco-friendly. fuel conservation should be given a place in the society. Fuel conservation should be adopted as a daily habit. Conserve fuel for a better

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