Spike Island Pestle Analysis

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can have an impact on how the business operates and the level of demand for the products or services offered by the organisation (“What is PESTLE Analysis? A Tool For Business Analysis”), (“WHAT IS PESTLE ANALYSIS”).

The social factors that will have an impact on Spike Island Adventure will be the characteristics and demographics of their target market. These factors enable the organisation to understand consumer needs and determine what encourages them to purchase the product or service offered. Spike Island Adventure target various different market segments such as families, corporate groups, school groups teenagers and adult groups. This is beneficial because if an issue arises with one particular group, they have another segment as an
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Although technology is slowloy being introduced by using it for marketing and advertising, there is a lack of technological systems used within the business itself to make productivity more efficient. Some aspects of the business operations such as customer bookings should be completed using technology, as it not only makes it more efficient for the organisation but also for the customer. By having a good technological system in place, it will lead to faster and more effective processing of bookings and increase production, which will result in reduced wastage and…show more content…
These factors relate to the laws, legislations and regulations the affect the performance and operations of a business. They can be both internal and external. They are internal when organisations develop and maintain their own policies. They are external in terms of laws and legislations established by the governmental bodies that can affect a business environment within the country. These can include factors such as consumer laws, health and safety standards, employment laws, tax regulation’s and current and future legislation (“What is PESTLE Analysis? A Tool For Business Analysis”), (“WHAT IS PESTLE ANALYSIS”).

Similar to the political factors, Spike Island Adventure must adhere to particular laws and regulations when operating their business. The main legal factor that would affect their business is the health and safety regulations. This would have the most impact as they offer some activities that involve strenuous physical activity that could result in the participants being injured and therefore the adventure centre must ensure that they follow strict health and safety standards when carrying out these activities. This is already being implemented in the organisation through processes such as consent
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