Spill Out The Beans

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Not consciously aware, I fell asleep in my dreams. My little sister, Anastasia, who is two years younger came into my room to wake me up. She sat along the boundary of my bed, drawing out my pillow and playing with my hair. “Andrey, it’s almost six. Don’t you know we have family dinner in one hour? Mum and dad will be here around seven. Get up.” Lazily, I opened my eyes, staring at my beautiful little sister who was smiling at me. “Where’s Andy?” I asked. “He is in his room, I guess. Just got home around half an hour.” “Hey, Ana… was dad really pissed off last night?” “I guess so. I didn’t hear anything, he seemed enjoying his event. Maybe Andy knows better. But you looked handsome on that tux, last night sister.” Anastasia gave me a little pat on my face before she went off my room. Four of us were already at the dining table, in our big dining hall, waiting for the bosses to lead off the ceremony. “Andy, was he really pissed off last night?” the same question popped-out from my mouth again. “Don’t worry too much.” He didn’t give me the answer I was hoping for. That made me feel kind of edgy. “Good evening everybody,” The General at last entered the room with his lovely wife. Taken up their seats, we all raised and gave them salutation before we remain seated again. “I am glad you are here with us tonight, Adriana.” “Yes, sir. Thank you for the gathering.” “Where have you been last night?” There he took the lead. “I am sorry sir for escaping your occasion. I went out

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