Spiritual Baptist Mourning

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The Spiritual Baptist religion is a religion that is a combination of elements of the African and Christian religions in which most of the customs and practiced doctrine are taken from the King James Version of the Bible. Spiritual Baptists believe their religion was derived from John the Baptist. This religion is a system of beliefs and practices e.g. baptism, pilgrimages, thanksgiving and mourning. Some of the items used within this religion include the shepherd rod, cross, tariya, lothar, water, calabash, flowers, candles and candle sticks, incense and bell. It also involves being filled with the spirit, shouting, speaking in unknown tongues, ringing of bells, and providing spiritual assistance to those in need (Peza, 1999).

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They are also prayed for, anointed with oil, sealed with chalk and their eyes and ears are bound with five bands (pieces of sanctified cloth) to prevent distraction. After this service the pilgrims are led to the inner chamber (mourning room) (Bonas, 2012).

The period of mourning begins with the bound pilgrims being put on the road and placed their backs “in their graves” the stony floor where they fast, prayer, meditate and journey

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