Spitzer Space Telescope Research Paper

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Anybody who has ever looked up in the night sky and see that there are hundred and thousand stars, but what about other galaxies? Learning about what lies beyond the star is something many astronomers have been doing hundreds of years. Early astronomers used to tie telescopes to huge balloon to see more of what lies beyond, then later they would use Lear jets and rockets and attached small telescopes discover infrared sources. Soon scientist realized that if they really want study space they would have to build a telescope that could be used in space, something that could go above the atmosphere and study deep space. The Spitzer space telescope was built for this mission, although it wasn’t the first and it won’t be the last telescope …show more content…

The Spitzer space telescope has help scientist piece together the Universe’s history, seek out the Milky Way, and is now starting its final mission “Beyond Mission”. The Spitzer space telescope has done for man what we are unable to do that is go beyond the moon and travel to distance galaxies and to see the wonders and beauty of the Universe.
The Spitzer telescope was first named The Space Infrared Telescope Facility but later the named was changed in the honor of Lyman Spitzer Jr., who was a renowned astrophysicist, who also was the first person who propose the idea of having a large telescope in space and helped develop the Hubble Space Telescope. August 25, 2003, at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Pad, NASA launched the Spitzer space telescope into space for the mission Orbiter. Although this telescope was launched at NASA it was not launched by a Space Shuttle instead it was launched a Delta rocket. The Spitzer space telescope is a spacecraft that cost $1.19 billion and is power by solar with the maximum power 400watts. The spacecraft has a 33-inch telescope, infrared array camera and spectrograph, and multiband imaging photometer. To get a general of an idea of the size of the telescope, one needs to

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