Sports Enhancing Drugs Is Great for sports: Personal Opinion Essay

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Sports are full of entertainment and great players. Imagine if the players were boosted with skills and performed like the monster on the movie Space Jam. This would be amazing if you never watched space jam I highly recommended you do so. The movie was great; it had one of the worlds best athletes in it Michal Jordan. He is known as one of the greatest basketball players ever to play the game. Space jam can show how an extra boost can improve players’ game play to the next level. Athletes should be able to use sports enhancing drugs to boost performance for better play and fan entertainment. Think of a world where athletes are stronger, faster and more physical then today normal athletes. This would be great for fans that enjoy …show more content…
With all this evidence that great players use banned drugs. It should be allowed in the games to create more great players. So many fans are let down when they hear that their favorite athlete accomplished their goals by cheating. So why not change the rules to make the fans happy? We have seen throughout history that sport enhancing drugs leave a dark shadow over the sports world, it seems it will always be around sports, so why not make it part of the game. Allowing players to use Sports enhancing drugs would be great. Players wouldn’t have to lie about how they got where they got. They could build better relationships with their fans. As a fan of sports it breaks my heart to hear my favorite player cheated, it turns them into the bad guy.
In reality athletes are using sport enhancement drugs to gain an edge on performance, make more money and gain quicker results in their profession. If athletes are found using sports enhancing drugs they could be fined, stripped of metals, trophies and face suspension. But ultimately their name is ruined because there’re known for cheating. Mark McGwire admitted to using a sport enhancing drug when he broke the single season home run record in 1998(Cons). There was so much controversy over him cheating, it impacted him negatively. With the career he had, he was supposed to make the hall of fame, but due to cheating he still hasn’t got inducted. This should change because he broke
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