Sports Medicine Shoulder Injuries Essay

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Sports Medicine Shoulder Injuries Shoulder injuries are a very common injury that occurs in most sports. All injuries and the rehabilitation done to the injured shoulder are based on the anatomy and structures of the shoulder. Doctors have developed different tests for evaluating the degree and seriousness of injured shoulders. Some have also developed different phases a person must go through to properly rehabilitate the shoulder. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint which allows it a flexion and extension motion.
The shoulder is made up of two bones: the ball end called the humerus and the socket end called the scapula. It is held together by a semi complex series …show more content…

The biggest difference is if a surgeon looks at an MRI it looks like a shoulder but if a surgeon looks at an ultrasound it may look like a snow storm. *insert article *attachedBesides being able to see the inside of a shoulder, doctors use different physical tests to evaluate the shoulder in order to determine what type of injury and how severe an injury may be. One such test was recently developed by Dr. Carl J. Basamania at the Womack Army Medical center in Fort Bragg, N.C. The test was developed to evaluate shoulder instability in a patient. During the test the Dr. or examiner stands next to the patient who is to lay flat on his/her back. The hand of the examined should is held firmly by the examiner. The examiner then pushes against the clavicle to stabilize th scapula, while they also gently hold the pectoral muscle with their thumb in order to be able to assess relaxation. The examiner then rotates the arm form neutral to full external rotation. If the patient has AIGHL incompetence there is a lack of tightening as the arm reaches full external rotation. The test has appeared to be highly accurate and may be of value to Dr.'s and surgeons alike. After doctors have determined what type and what degree of injury a patient has sustained using various tests it is on to the next step, rehabilitation. *insert article* attachedThere are four phases

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