Sports Reflection Paper

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Participating in a competitive sport can have advantages and disadvantages that can greatly impact your life; but for me, I got the short end of the stick. Growing up playing multiple sports took up most of my free time. Traveling to places like Tennessee, Indiana, Kentucky, and many more states, Ohio is one place I don’t see myself going back to. Overcoming obstacles aren’t easy, but nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it.
February 27th, 2016 is a date that is hard to forget. I traveled 6 hours to play the sport I love that also drained me, soccer. My nerves got to me, and many scenarios ran through my head on how the day would play out. Pulling up to Xavier University’s fields was astounding and a sight that was unforgettable. That day Bowling Green University was there to watch me play, and I never felt more anxious. As I stepped onto the pitch my fingertips grazed the hot green turf. Warming up and doing pregame drills was effortless and came easy. Coach called out the starting XI after our team chant. At this point I was set in, focused, and ready to play. At the moment the whistle blew, my team was on a mission. Five minutes of playing my heart out unfortunately came to a pause. Laying on the ground, rolling and screaming is kind of a blur to me now. All I could feel was an excruciating pain in my knee. Coaches, teammates, and trainers racing over to me made me realize how significant my injury was. In my mind, I just sprained something, or it was a

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