Sportsmanship And Sportsmanship Of A Team

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Sportsmanship All athletes can recognize that being a part of a team is hard. It is incredibly difficult to select a group of teenagers that will (1) all get along, (2) work together seamlessly, and (3) respect their coaches. The formula for the perfect team is unknowable. One negative spirit always exists to drag the team down, to deflate their motives and increase their egos; but that does not have any effect on the sportsmanship of a team. Sportsmanship does not rely on the cohesiveness of a team. It does not correlate with how many bonding trips a team endures or how many groups of friends are on the team. It is not entirely internal or entirely external. Sportsmanship is not simply the willingness of an athlete to respect other…show more content…
Nevertheless, attitudes and jealousy grew. We dominated over other JV2 teams on the court, due to the lack of completion rather than our skill; but we struggled in practice. None of us could figure out how to work together. Not until our second tournament. The morning bus ride was quiet and unassuming. Everyone sat separately and stared out their own windows, listening to their own music. Upon arrival, we pulled up kneepads, put on out ankle braces, tied our shoes, and trudged onto the court for warmup. Even with no energy, we won our first game, and the one after that, and the one after that. First in our pool, yet there was no real celebration. Bracket play started and, finally, we met some teams that actually challenged us. While energy started to rise, so did the attitudes. After actually playing, for once, cockiness spread throughout the team. Then, after fighting our way past a small team in bright red jerseys, a game won purely by luck and consistent serving, we found ourselves in the championship game. Our final opponents hailed from one of those pretentious private school in Portland. We had watched part of one of their games earlier, which did nothing to boost our confidence. While most of them acted tough, our team was an accumulation of low self-confidence and highly neurotic girls. Psyched out by the mere height of the team (they had two six-foot-five
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