Spring Break Research Paper

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My mom always makes silly rules. One of my least favorite rules is that I must go to bed by ten o’clock.
I never listen to her though. I always stay up to at least eleven o’clock every night. My mom is already sound asleep, so she never knows stay up late. Another one of her silly rules is that as soon as I get home from school, I have to finish all of my homework before I can take a break. I strongly disagree with these rules. If I’ve been at school for six hours straight, I deserve a tiny break before doing more work. When I get home, I go into the office and take a break. My mom thinks that I am doing homework, but there is no harm because it still gets done. My mom just told me that over spring break, we are going to Naples with our friends. I …show more content…

I pack my bathing suit and hop in the car. We start driving down the Turnpike when I fell asleep. I was asleep for about forty-five minutes when my mom decided to wake me up. She began speaking, but I was still half asleep, so I don’t quite remember what she said. As I woke up more, I realized how close we were. She began saying how there is a beach in Naples but there are also an abundance of Jellyfish. She told me that my sister and I should probably stay near the pool and avoid the beach.
We arrived at the hotel, and met up with our friends. We were playing catch with a football in the pool when both of us became bored. He said to me, “Do you want to check out the beach?” so I replied,
”Sure.” we went out to the beach, and I didn’t see any jellyfish. There were also people in the water so I assumed there weren’t any jellyfish. I proceeded to go in the water and have an amazing time. My friend and I were swimming in the water for about ten minutes when I felt something touch me. Immediately it began hurting and I began swimming toward the shore.
I lifted up my arm and looked at the side of my chest.There was a humongous discolored area and the pain was

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