Short Story : ' V '

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~Emma 's P.O.V~

As he came up behind me I felt a warm sensation on my neck, only to realize it was my dad looking over my shoulder while reading my text messages. If he only knew the truth about us. How much would change? Would he still see me the same? After being deployed for several years in Iraq he is finally home. Now everything is going to be different, even mom doesn 't know and quite frankly I don 't want either of them to find out. I can already imagine their expressions right now, Mom would look at me like a kicked puppy while Dad would drive off and handle things is way, the military way. I already know that if I even implied the truth about us Mom and Dad would argue all night long.

"I thought I told you to get off that thing about an hour ago!", Dad said as he was trying to prove a point. He snatched it out of my hand and started scrolling down my contacts. They were all mainly my close girlfriends, well all except for one. The last boy on the planet my parents would ever want me to date, Liam Daniel Sanchez. With those dreamy hazel eyes, gorgeous light brown hair, and under his shirt is countless hours of swim practice. Thank goodness I deleted any visible contact between Liam and I.

"Emma, darling its time for you to get to bed you have school in the morning and its almost 11pm".

"Okay mom, I 'll be down in ten minutes to say goodnight." My mom knows its always a constant battle for me to fall asleep, therefore the process takes roughly and hour and a

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