Ines Fermin

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“Mom, can I go to the party tonight?”
“No, you may not.”
“I can’t believe it! You never let me do anything. I hate you, and I hate being here!”
Ines struggled with obeying her mom even though her mom only wanted what was best for her. Her mom knew if Ines went to that party, there would only be trouble because Ines typically did not make good choices with the friends she hung out with the wrong friends. “You are grounded, young lady!” After about a week of not speaking to her mom, Ines asked if she could go to the grocery store. Her mom agreed.
Ines Fermin’s life started when she was in high school, she and how it affected her life. In high school she went crazy, she didn't want to do nothing. The life she lived wasn't the life she wanted to live. She wanted to graduate high school and not drop out. One day she wanted to go to a party put her mom said no. She was always disrespectful to her mother, and always hanging with the wrong friends and getting written up. Ines got mad. They didn’t talk for a week, so the day came and she left the house. She lied to her mom saying she was going grocery shopping and her mom believed where she was.

She should've listen

She went to the party instead that night when she got home her mom asked her questions they got into an argument that …show more content…

She lied about getting addicted to drugs and about getting pregnant. When her mother asked him is she pregnant, he said yes. She jumped out of her chair and dragged her by her hair and keep asking her if it was true and if she didn't answer she would keep dragging her around the house. Her mother kept dragging her around for 30 minutes. She finally said yes it's true that i'm pregnant. It took her mother some time to rethink what she had done to her daughter. Her daughter went to go live with her boyfriend for 5 months, so her mom never saw her since that day. Her mother would call her,but she wouldn't answer or her

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