Squamish Research Paper

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Place: Mythological and Adventure in Squamish Myth and history are not separate, nor are the past and present. Each influence each other and impact how individuals see the world today. Physical place embodies this cyclical relationship. I am curious about place and its meaning to individuals: does it change based upon their own history and knowledge about that place? What is the power of a mythologically significant place? I would like to explore these questions in Squamish, BC Canada. Squamish is a town that houses multiple identities. Two of these are the Squamish Nation identity and adventure destination identity. Each of these informs how areas within or around Squamish are interacted with. This project will center around two areas of significance to both First Nations culture and the adventure culture. The Stawamus Chief and T’eḵt’aḵmúy̓in tl’a In7iny̓áx̱a7en (Black Tusk) are places of mythological importance to the Squamish nation culture. It is necessary here to note that much of the Squamish Nation knowledge concerning myth and place colonialism has erased, limiting the extent to which this identity can be explored. Within the adventure culture, they are destinations for outdoor adventure. The duality of place meaning …show more content…

Each participant, after giving consent, will be formally interviewed around two to three times; this is subject to change. One of these interviews will be an oral history concerning an individual’s experience with these spaces and concepts associated with them. The other interviews will be further exploration of their general ideas about these places and the ideas that they attach to them. They will be open-ended, allowing space for delving into topics important to the individual. Interviews will allow themes that I may not have anticipated about place meaning and

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