Squirrel Island Story

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In 1842 was the year squirrels won a really serious war! Now I’m about to tell you the story of Squirrel Island! First of all, Squirrel Island was the best island a squirrel can ask for, and it all started when the next in line queen was born, her name was Lilly! “SHES BORN SHES BORN!” yelled a guard while opening the doors to the island. Well that’s just the begging. Few years pasted and Lilly was all grown up and ready for her crowning. Her crowning ended and just before she could go to sleep. Someone yelled “ATTACK”! Not long after, narwhals came! “What’s going on?” Lilly yawned. “Queen we most go now!” The whole island was underneath the big old squirrel tree.” Were under attack “said a guard. “For what” Lilly spoke. “Narwhals came on …show more content…

One squirrel was talking to the pioneer’s horse, “what are you?” the horse spoke. “I’m a squirrel.” said the small squirrel named squirreliouses”. “Your cute as a Butten every one of you squirrels!” the horse spoked happily. “What are you doing here shouldn’t you be at the island?” the horse wondered. “Well actually my island got taken over by all these narwhals to make a narwhal club water park.” Squirreliouses said sadly. “Well squirreliouses you should definitely do something about it, you have to take advantage and help your squirrels, and you know you might just end up saving your pack!” squirreliouses thought,” YOUR RIGHT I NEED TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO” squirreliouses cried. “THANK YOU SO MUCH!” as squirreliouses ran she notice that everyone was still in a pack which was wonderful but she needed the burger king crown! “EVERYONE LISTEN UP” she yelled. “WE HAVE TO DO THING WE HAVENT DONE IN CENTRYS!” everyone gasped, “we haven’t done that we need the crown!” “I have it don’t worry!” it was a strange voce at first but then Lilly was standing right there with the crown in her paws. Everyone gathered and made a circle. Everyone gave all of their strength and the crown flew out of the circle pushed the narwhals away and there island was back to normal. Finally, squirrels got their island back! But, their big nut tree was empty they threw all the nuts out. “Oh no” a squirrel spoke. “If we don’t have nuts we can’t survive the winter!” the squirrels started working hard every single day. That’s why when you see the solar eclipse those are the squirrels moving nuts back to the tree and passing by the sun. You should always know that hard work always pays

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