St. Church Of The Catholic Archdiocese Of Melbourne

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St Patricks Cathedral is the mother church of the Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne. It was named after St Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The church was officially opened in 1997, however the first mass took place in February 1858.
St Patricks Cathedral was designed by William Wardell, who also designed the Wardell building at Genazzano. St Patrick’s is well-known internationally for its stunning Gothic Architecture and it is one of the greatest buildings erected by the exponents of the Gothic-Revival style.
The Cathedral is well known and identified by catholics in Melbourne. Catholics living in Melbourne greatly appreciate the history and significance of St Patricks Cathedral. Whether their child was baptised there or they were married there, catholics take pride in St Patricks Cathedral. There are certain symbolic features at St Patrick’s Cathedral that are are relevant to the history of the church and help to identify the church. The tall arch’s, stained glass windows and high ceilings all play a part in making St Patrick’s Cathedral so well known and recognised.

The Main Entrance:

The original door of St Patrick’s Cathedral was a double-arched doorway with a dividing pillar, this ended up being removed before 1868. It was then replaced by a new door which was too narrow, so it was too also replaced with the current door now.
‘The current door is 3.65m wide and 4.87m high, with three column recessed and carved jambs.
Its Gothic arch is crowned by a panelled,…

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