St. Pierre Research Paper

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Location: Arrondissement of Saint-Pierre, Martinique and 14.8094° N, 61.1664° W Historic Eruptions: 1902 Destroyed the whole village of St. Pierre. On may fifth a lahar reaching 100 km per hour came down mount Pelée and killed 2 dozen people. Also material spilled into the ocean and caused a 3 meter high tsunami the “inundated” St. Pierre. The most devastating thing was that snakes and insects (that some where venomous) came down the volcano and into the village. Soldiers lined up on the streets to shoot the snakes but they weren’t able to save the city. There’s debate about exactly what happened on May 8 — Ascension Day — but one thing is certain: In the course of a few short minutes, an infernal blast of hot gas and volcanic debris obliterated

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