Stages Of Childhood Vs Adulthood

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When I was a kid, I wanted to be older, this was not what I expected.
As a life is lived, it nurtures, there are phases of this growth, which are equally imperative, there are times of this understanding and seeing the world in alternative ways. With resemblances and variances in each aspect, these stages can essentially be broken into two phases, the life of kids and the life of grown-ups. Privileges, obligations, rights and roles are assigned to culturally shared definitions of periods of life (Fry 1980: Hagested and Neugarten 1990). How life is lived in these two stages are drastically different but specific aspects in how both behave between these stages can be compared and contrasted in myriad aspects.

To begin with, lets understand what is childhood? Childhood is the period when we are still growing up, and it is often contrasted with the period of “infancy” in which we are still young. On the other hand, adulthood is when we are “grown up”, though we may still be developing. The beginning of adulthood is …show more content…

By contrast, during adulthood we have much more independence and can generally decide on our wants and needs. There is a vast contrast how children and grown-ups respond to situations. Children allow their feelings to control their actions more spontaneously than adults do, which makes them more expressive, on the other hand, adults must sort their thoughts through filters, they become less expressive as they represent who they are trying to be by behaving as they think is appropriate as an adult. Because of this, adults must hold back and process numerous thoughts than children, adding more anxiety and stress to adult lives. Of course, having access to these thoughts can lead to more gratifying life for adults, but life is not as simple as the average child’s

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