Stalin 's Influence On The Soviet Union

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This quote, in my opinion, does hold truth and historical context to it. Joseph Stalin indeed was a despot; a man who held complete control of the Soviet Union after Vladimir Lenin’s death in 1924. While I would have to agree that his paranoid, tyrannical, and cruel demeanor of ruling the country played a large role in the rise of a term named for him, Stalinism, I do not think that was the only reason of why he managed to keep such an iron grip on the USSR for a period of almost thirty years. Another major of reason of why terror, violence, and oppression became so widespread and prevalent in Russia was because Stalin was so gifted in using the “cult of personality.” While Stalin may have truly been as this quote described; angry, vengeful, and power-hungry, that was not the image that many people in the Soviet Union had in their heads at the time. Stalin had totalitarian control of mass-media, propaganda, and news outlets, he established himself to appear in a certain way to the people, as a means to keep control of them. The State presented Stalin as the “father” or “uncle” of the USSR, who was devoted to the working class and to the Communist Party. Kind, benevolent and powerful, propaganda was a powerful weapon that represented him as their ideal and perfect leader, which people began to believe wholeheartedly, even with the events that would transpire later on in his leadership; such as the Great Terror. While Stalin’s actual personality may have been oppressive and

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