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Stand Up After reading “Tuesday of the other June” Listening to “Invisible” By Hunter Hayes and “reading” the picture provided, I believe that the topic is don’t judge. But to find the theme you have to look a little bit deeper, so go ahead read on. The message that the writer Hunter Hayes is trying to get across in his music video is that what ever your going through just never give up because you're always going to find a way out of it or it will always get better. I know this because in his music video Hunter shows people that are feeling down or hurt and just feeling terrible! But, towards the end of the video you see them getting better and feeling happy again. Another way that Hunter show’s to never give up no matter what you're going through, is that his lyrics, for example in his song he says “There's so much more to life than what you’re feeling now…..You’re not invisible” “There’s so much more to life than what you’re feeling now” Shows that there’s so much more in life then sadness, depression and negativity. “You’re not invisible” This shows that you’re not invisible you’re important in life. This is another way that Hunter shows that whatever you’re going through never give up. The picture show’s a boy being picked on by bullies. This show’s how mean and rude some …show more content…

When they get to there new house June see’s June the mean June that always calls her names etc. Now she's going to go to the same school with her, the same swim lessons etc. One day when they go into school June goes up to her and say’s “No. No. No. No.” This shows that going through her rough times she never gave up and she said no to the

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