Standardized Testing Argument Essay

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Although standardized test has thrived for decades and being told that is the most objective way to test how much knowledge that students have dominated, it is also being placed under extreme criticism in recent years. A group of people, who reject the idea of placing children under measurement determined largely by striking numbers, initiated many organizations to prohibit standardized exam, for instance "Just say no to test!" ( This nationwide hot debated also inspired Katrina Vanden Heuvel(2013), an American editor and publisher since 1995, also a frequent commentator on numerous political television programs, to write a published article "Stakes on standardized testing are too high" about Opting out of standardized tests, supporting the present changes of fundamental education.
Overall, Heuvel combined her emotional language with her logical flowing successfully, conveying the audience with an urgent need to cancel standardized exams and to focus more on the quality of knowledge that schools offered nowadays.
First of all, Heuvel applied a few vivid but also genuinely true examples from the Long Island ,New York, calling public's attention to the extreme consequences that has been caused by standardized test. From "Enough students …show more content…

In other words, she argues, we should first focus on properly implementing the common core standards before holding students and teachers hostage to them." She managed to give credit to other authoritarian, since herself is neither an expert in education nor teacher in high school. And also she use this sentence to wrap up whole passages, to seek out in future, and to shift the focus from opt out of the standardized test to the proper function of the school and how could education being conducted in a less rigid but more efficient

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