Standardized Testing At Mandarin High School

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Students at Mandarin High School are being over tested. In our research we were evaluating how our stakeholders viewed standardized testing at Mandarin High School. We interviewed various stakeholders and their responses shaped our research. We asked our stakeholders about how they felt about the amount of standardized testing at Mandarin High. We conducted our research by interviewing reliable stakeholders at Mandarin High and recorded their responses. Our largest group of stakeholders are the students, at Mandarin High School, we interviewed three boys and three girls from each grade level. We chose this many students because we felt it will represent their views accurately and we would be able to gather and compare data from many …show more content…

Our Mandarin student body has said that they get nervous when taking tests because it has such a big impact on the students future. The students said that one test should not impact them on such a high level. As we asked, many of the students believed that the district was in charge of giving out standardized tests that Mandarin High is required to take. This information is useful to use because we have a better understanding of how the student body views the standardized tests. As we were digging deeper into our stakeholders, we realized that students who recently graduated from Mandarin High School have important insight on our topic. They have experienced through four years of high school. All now in college had a different outlook on testing. We interviewed four college students, all former Mandarin Mustangs. They all explained how testing in High School was not overwhelming compared to the testing they have in college. Though they do feel the testing is all crammed into a short amount of time. These college students however believe that one test does not accurately represent what the students learned throughout the year. Majority believed that there were too many factors such as, “a bad test taker, bad day, little sleep, etc.” can affect how well the student does on the exam. These former students explained how they felt pressured they

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