Standardized Tests Should Not Be The Standard

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I’ve always done exceptionally well on standardized tests. Whether it was the WKCE, the PSAT, or the SAT, I excelled at multiple choice, fill-in-the-bubble tests. When it came time for me to take the ACT, I knew going into it that I had that test in the bag. I came out with much better than average scores, scoring a 28 on the overall test, much better than most of my peers. Though math was never my strongest subject in high school, I had still managed to pull a score of 25 on the math section of the test. When I got to college, I was put in the normal, freshman level math class. My roommate, who had scored only a 20 on the math section of her ACT, was in Statistics, which is a slightly harder class. I thought I had my class in the bag.…show more content…
This focus on only a few subjects will have detrimental effects on the well roundedness of the education students receive. Teaching to the test also causes teachers to spend less time on more creative parts of the classroom. If there is something that the teacher thinks is important and will help the students grow as people, but it won’t be on the test, the teacher has no incentive to talk about it. Because of the high stakes of and pressure to succeed on Standardized tests, many students, teachers, and even school administrations have resulted to cheating to improve their score. In the movie The Perfect Score, a group of students steal the answers to the SAT because they are all so desperate to get good scores on it and get into the schools they want to go to. In it, one of the characters says (in reference to stealing the answers) “It’s a victimless crime” (). This shows how students are willing to do whatever it takes to score well on these tests, since the stakes are so high. They also don’t think that cheating on these tests has a negative effect on anybody else, causing them to cheat more often. In Atlanta during the 2012-2013 school year, a cheating scandal was uncovered that turned out to be one of the biggest cheating scandals in recent history. In the past 10 years, Atlanta had shown some of the biggest improvements in any district in test scores. After the scandal was discovered, there was no way of measuring how much the schools had
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